Sunday 1 February 2009

Candlemas at S. Magnus the Martyr

So here are some pictures from this morning's liturgy. We started off in purple for the blessing of candles and procession, as was normal practice before the 1962 Missal. Before vesting, the question did occur as to why we should be wearing a penitential colour for the pre-mass ceremonies, and several ideas were advanced. The tone of the ceremony has echoes of Advent and the action of blessing candles recals the Easter vigil, when purple is worn in both cases to symbolise the world before the light of Christ. On this feast, the purple also symbolises Israel awaiting redemption, who is personified by Simeon and whose canticle we sing before Mass. The change to Gold obviously symbolises, among other things, the light of Christ

The blessing of candles
Distributing candles
A short pause during the singing of the Antiphon
Introibo ad altare dei


Censing the oblation


Ecce Agnus Dei...


The Angelus is sung at the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

The Sunday of Candlemas is also when we bless throats and invoke the intercession of S. Blaise, in anticipation of keeping his feastday in the week.

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