Tuesday 26 April 2011

Images of Holy Week from S. Magnus

The High Altar before the Mass of Palm Sunday. Note the table of palms on the Epistle Side, draped in violet.

The ministers before the ceremonial re-rentry into the Church after the Palm Sunday Procession.

The ministers after the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified on Good Friday

The High Altar after Vespers on Good Friday

The Blessing of Incense at the Easter Vigil

The Deacon carrying the Reed (three pointed candle) into the Church for the Lumen Christi Procession, Holy Saturday

The Deacon lights the Paschal candle during the singing of the Exsultet. The Reed has carries the flame of the New Fire into the Church.

The Celebrant dips the Paschal Candle into the Font to fructify the Baptismal Waters during the Paschal Vigil.


  1. Did somebody actually twist the tripod locally or did you purchase it from somewhere like that?

    I ask because I want to twist out trikiri & dikiri for when Archbishop Mark visits, as I have seen done elsewhere, but I have only knowjn it to be done in warmer climes. Heating cold wax just causes it to melt. There needs to be a higher ambient temperature and the wax needs to be at room temperature within those conditions. I just don't know how to effect this and would be grateful for any guidance from experience.

  2. Ex Fide,

    I am surprised and saddened that my comment above is the only one after you featured these photographs of what were clearly almost (some people facing the wrong way on Holy Saturday) what I would call a 'reference standard' for the celebration of the traditional liturgy of Holy Week.

    Do not be discouraged Ex Fide you are doing a superb job (as clearly other member of the serving team at St. Magnus are doing).