Tuesday 6 January 2009

Feast of the Epiphany

Wishing everyone a happy Epiphany. This photo is from the Sunday Mass, which was followed by Blessing of the Chalk and marking of the door with the customary Epiphany cipher.

Next week is the Feast of Our Lord's Baptism which is followed by a ceremony of Blessing the Waters (in our case, the Thames under London Bridge). I hope to have some nice photos to share next week.


  1. Why are you not a Roman Cathoilc and at the seminary, even if its a bit dull in parts it the turth.

  2. Burseandveil,

    I believe that the Church of England is a Catholic Church by rights, at least in those places that have fought for the Catholic faith. One day, probably not in my lifetime, we will all be in Communion with Rome.

  3. Forgive me, the Church of England, in it's very name shows it is not "a" Catholic Church. We don't speak of individual Catholic Churches, we speak of individual diocese being in communion with THE one, Catholic Church.

    It is a case of pride that Churches with valid sacraments (I make no judgement on the validity of your own orders) don't formally, and it does require a formal act, join to the Catholic Church.

  4. What I'm saying is that I believe we are Catholics despite our being in a state of schism, as we hold and practice the same faith as the rest of Catholic Christendom.

    Being in communion with Rome is a sign of something already achieved, rather than the point at which a group becomes Catholic. The unity of all Christians is our constant hope and prayer, I wonder why people so consistently interpret our hesitation to rush into communion as a rejection of that Unity.

  5. In respect i think you are misssing the point the tradtion is not about pratice but it is about passing on, handing on something that is so unbroken and unchanged that is grace. Liturgy and devotions are only ways of revealing Gods Grace.Can the Church of England do this when untiy is not even something you begin to have, who or what makes you cathoilc? who or what gives grace?

  6. I understand and respect the view you've just expressed, ex fide. But, much like responding to grace, if one does not rush for unity with the Church of Rome, then one rejects that unity.

    I believe that you hold and keep the Catholic faith, can I ask sincerely, what are you waiting for?

  7. The conversion of the English Church and the possibility to reunite without being absorbed and loosing our identity as Anglicans.

  8. Well i like your blog. But i think you are missing the point; are you telling me that you want in this reunited Church laudian falls and vergers and the 39 articles?

    You seem to think that it is only as a Church that reconciliation can be sought, it is as individuals that we make the confession of faith and, later stand before God. May I highlight the many Anglican clerics and laity who have converted to the faith.

    Anyway may Our Lady of Ramsom lead you into her Sons true Church it's only a matter of time, we will pray!