Sunday 6 December 2009

Advent II

Here are one or two photos from the Mass of Advent II on Sunday.

The Asperges collect

The censing of the altar at the introit

Censing of the celebrant

The Gospel is proclaimed in the body of the church

During the Canon. As you can see, the Deacon wears a 'broad stole', representative of his folded chasuble worn over the shoulder, while he fulfills his diaconal duties at the altar.


  1. Excellent, keep up the good work. We need more tradition, not less, and that goes for the canonization of more post-Reformation Anglican saints, since I understand that the last canonization in the English church was that of the King and Martyr Charles in 1662 by the Convocations of Canterbury and York.

  2. Wonderful. It makes one want to be there.

  3. Fr,

    I'm sure someone is saying your name during the Memento Domine.

  4. Yes, bravo.

    To restore the venerable and ancient use of folded chasubles is a great thing in itself and one can only hope other churches do the same but to commission a set is truly wonderful.

    I am sure Fr. Fynes-Clinton is beaming down on his worthy successors.

    Were you the SD Ex Fide?

  5. I was, Sir. As you can see, in flagrant disregard for liturgical law I, a layman, am wearing a maniple and biretta. I just can't seem to get myself tonsured or ordained subdeacon. Any suggestions?

  6. This looks wonderful but I was surprised to see the church so empty - is that the size of the congregation on a typical sunday?

  7. The pews extend beyond the columns on both sides, and people like to disperse themselves, so the people you see in the pictures aren't the only ones there.

    Still, the congregation isn't enormous, although it's one of the biggest in the City in Sundays. We have a total of 0 people resident in the parish in geographical terms, and I myself come in from North London to attend, possibly one of the shorter journeys made by parishioners to get to church. We might not be in the hundreds, but we know the people who come to S. Magnus do so because they absolutely love it.

  8. How lovely! It's so nice to walk into a church that is loved by its congregation. I will try and join you one Sunday. I can't seem to access the music on the website though.

  9. On a minor point not covered by pre-Vatican II books of ceremonial- Why is only one Advent Candle lit on the second Sunday of Advent?
    Or do you wait to light it during the last Gospel perhaps?

  10. It;s okay the site is working once again

  11. Vincent de Paul,

    Our custom is to conduct the lighting of the Advent Wreath After Mass. We then leave the candle burning while the church is open during the Afternoon for visitors.